>> And now we are...

Almost the same. Some of us...

>> We were students too...

Maybe unbelievable! But we were students too, and we enjoyed it. Still, the time...

>> Our areas of expertise

We are consumer oriented ; we try to understand both his inner mecanisms of action, but also...
>> From the beginning...

"Write down, so that the wind don't take away the flowers of your thought"  N. Iorga

Among our partners

Institute for Technology and Human Research Kaiserslautern University.
Teaching Staff and Research Institutes from other countries: Austria, China, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldavian Republic and Slovakia.
The Total Quality Studies Center - Montreal, Canada.

International Commodity Science and Technology Association (Internationale Gesellschaft fur Warenkunde und Technologie) - IGWT
The Italian Commodity Science Society (Societa Italiana di Merceologia).
The German Commodity Science and Technology Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Warenkunde und Technologie).
The Hungarian Organization and Management Society (Szervezesi es Vezetesi Tudomanyos Tarsasag).
Teaching Staff, Research Institute and other Romanian Organizations: Arad, Brasov, Constanta, Cluj, Galati, Ploiesti, Iasi, Oradea, Sibiu, Timisoara, Targoviste.
National Register of Romanian Quality Auditors.
National Organization for Consumers` Protection of Romania.
National Bodies for Management Systems and Products Certification.
Consulting Companies in the field of Quality and Environmental Management.