What are our areas of expertise?

The subjects we master are consumer oriented, bringing a deep understanding of consumer behavior and way of acting, but also the understanding of the products and services companies offer.

Quality management

TQM and Business Excellence

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Almost the same. Some of us...

>> Our areas of expertise

We are consumer oriented ; we try to understand both his inner mecanisms of action, but also...
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"Write down, so that the wind don't take away the flowers of your thought"  N. Iorga

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Maybe unbelievable! But we were students too, and we enjoyed it. Still, the time...

Audits and certifications of management systems and products


Quality costs

Informatics systems and aplications for Business Administration

Merchandise expertise

Sensorial analysis

Food hygiene and nutrition

Aesthetics and design of products

Expertise of counterfeited products

Consumer rights and protection